Millers Falls TWM 75 Litre Parts Washer for Workshop or Garage #PW20

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Do you need a way to clean greasy or oily parts at home or at work without getting chemicals or degreaser everywhere?

The Millers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer could just be the solution you've been looking for.

Whether you're a professional mechanic or just enjoy tinkering with your car, bike or boat at home, A Millers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer is a must have piece of equipment. 

Your Millers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer sits on its own removable stand or on a bench with a dry weight of only 33kg so it can be moved easily if required.

The large, powder coated steel tub features a fully sealed magnetic pump and a hinged lid with a mechanism to automatically close the lid in case of fire.

the Millers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer is run by 240 volt power and circulates fluid continuously through the cleaning tank

The durable anti - rust treated steel construction has a powder coated finish to extend the life of your Millers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer for years and you already know that the world famous "Millers Falls" brand means that your Millers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer is an extremely well designed, well constructed, reliable and durable piece of equipment.

We all know how dangerous benchtops soaked in flammable cleaning fluids can be. Why take the risk when a Millers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer will provide a safe and effective way of cleaning parts at an affordable price?

Don't miss this opportunity to make  reliable, consistent compressed air available every time! - Order Now!

    Features and specifications:

    • Brand: Millers Falls
    • Model: PW20
    • Construction: Powder coated steel
    • Automatic lid closure mechanism
    • Fully sealed magnetic pump
    • Tank capacity : 75 litres (20 gallons)
    • Tank dimensions : 78cm x 54cm x 26cm
    • Inbuilt drain plug
    • Overall dimensions: 78cm x 54cm x 90cm (including stand)
    • Power: 240 volt
    • Net Weight: 33kg
    • Packing dimensions: 120cm x 60cm x 46cm
    • Packing weight: 37kg
    • 6 months warranty.


    This top quality Millers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer comes in a skid in order to keep freight costs as low as possible and some assembly is required.

    We can arrange shipment of your newMillers Falls PW20 75 Litre (20 Gallon) Parts Washer anywhere at competitive rates (freight quotes are on the checkout page) so what are you waiting for?

    Your order will be dispatched on the next business day after cleared payment is received and freight company's name, contact details, tracking number and your Tax Invoice will be emailed to you.

    Grab yours today and have confidence that your new acquisition will work reliably and last for years! - Order Now!

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