Millers Falls TWM Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage #FIDHS6HD

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Need to prepare last years seed bed for this years planting but not so keen on the hard work usually involved? 

The FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator could just be the solution you've been looking for!

Your FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator easily connects to most tractors over 25HP with its Cat 1 3 point Linkage setup.

Designed and built to take much of the time and effort out of the preparation of planting areas. Your FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator really comes into its own when the job description calls for breaking up clumps of compacted soil, naturally enhancing soil fertility by turning organic residue from previous crops back into the earth and leaving a clean rejuvenated seed bed ready for sowing.

Equipped with 4 banks of 5x 405mm (16in) curved serrated discs, each bank incorporate high quality bearings and hubs to ensure prolonged smooth and efficient operation and seals to prevent damaging invasion of mud, grit or water. Your FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator will serve you well for many years to come.

The durable treated steel construction has a powder coated finish to extend the life of your FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator for years and you already know that the world famous "Millers Falls" brand means that your FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator is an extremely well designed, well constructed, reliable and durable piece of equipment.

Why take longer than you have to converting last years harvested crop bed into this years seed bed when a FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator will do the job for you quickly, safely and easily.

It's time to make your choice to take the hard work out of renewing your sowing areas! - Order Now!

Features and specifications:

  • Brand: Millers Falls
  • Model: FIDHS6HD
  • Recommended tractor power: 25HP and above
  • Connection: Cat 1 3 Point linkage
  • Powder coated welded steel construction
  • Disc blades: 20x 405mm (16in) dished serrated edge
  • Disc blade configuration: 4 banks of 5 discs each
  • High quality bearings and hubs sealed against foreign matter invasion
  • Overall length: 1300mm (51.2in)
  • Overall width: 1870mm (73.6in)
  • Overall height: 1210mm (47.6in)
  • Working width: 1800mm (70.8in)
  • Working depth: 160mm (6.3in)
  • Package dimensions: 190cm x 136cm x 86cm
  • Package weight: 300kg
  • 6 months warranty


This top quality FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator comes in a crate in order to keep freight costs as low as possible and some assembly is required.

We can arrange shipment of your new FIDHS6HD Millers Falls TWM 1800mm (6ft) 3 Point Linkage Disc Harrow Plough Cultivator anywhere in Australia at competitive rates. (quote provided on checkout page)

Free local pickup available on Wednesday and Friday with prior payment and 24 hours notice.

Your order will be dispatched on the next business day after cleared payment is received and freight company's name, contact details, tracking number and your Tax Invoice will be emailed to you.

Grab yours today and know without a doubt that your new acquisition a well made and reliable piece of equipment that will get the job done for years to come! - Order Now!

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