Slasher Millers Falls 3 Point Linkage PTO Offsettable 1760mm Cut Adjustable Height #STM180

  • $2,199.00

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Are you looking for a 3 point linkage, PTO, offsettable 1760mm slasher at a great price?

The STM180 1760mm Millers Falls 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher is an awesome rotary slasher that will easily connect to most 50-85 horsepower tractors via its Cat 1 or 2 3 point linkage and is powered by your tractors 540rpm PTO system. 

The heavy duty blades and strong 60HP gearbox with a clutch mechanism to protect the gearbox and PTO driveline allow the STM180 1760mm Millers Falls 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher to quickly and easily cut through long grass and light scrub the easy way while adjustable skids give you the choice of 3 cutting heights while the pair of optional adjustable rear outrigger wheels take some of the load off your tractor and provides an even cut every time.

The STM180 1760mm Millers Falls 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher has a cutting width of 1760mm and can be offset to either left or right to let you cut right up to fences, retaining walls or other obstacles quickly and easily.

Fitted with front and rear chain guards to help prevent foreign objects being thrown by the blades causing property damage or injury and guards enclosing the gearbox and PTO attachment, your STM180 1760mm Millers Falls 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher is designed and built for optimum performance with maximum safety in mind.

The durable steel construction has an powder coated finish to extend the life of your STM180  1760mm Millers Falls 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher for years and you already know that the world famous Millers Falls brand means that your STM180 1760mm Millers Falls 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher is an extremely well designed, well constructed, reliable and durable piece of equipment.

Why put up with your old, outdated and dangerous slasher when a STM180 1760mm Millers Falls 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher will deliver better results with much more safety.

You've waited long enough to minimise the chance of damage or injury from foreign objects being thrown out hard by the blades! - Order Now!

Features and specifications: 
  • Brand: Millers Falls
  • Model: STM180
  • Recommended tractor power: 50-85HP
  • 3 point linkage: Cat 1 with Cat 2 bushes
  • Offsettable
  • PTO speed: 540RPM
  • Gearbox: 60HP
  • Length: 2180mm
  • Width: 1912mm
  • Height: 900mm
  • Deck thickness: 5mm
  • Cutting width: 1760mm
  • Cutting heights: 45mm, 90mm and 135mm
  • Adjustable Skids
  • Optional outrigger wheel kits available
  • Package dimensions: 222cm x 190cm x 72cm
  • Package weight: 780kg
  • 6 months warranty


This top quality Millers Falls STM180 1760mm 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher comes ion a palletin order to keep freight costs as low as possible and some assembly is required.

We can arrange shipment of your new Millers Falls STM180 1760mm 3 Point Linkage Offsettable Slasher anywhere in Australia at competitive rates (freight quotes are on the checkout page) so what are you waiting for?

Your order will be despatched on the next business day after cleared payment is received and freight company's name, contact details, tracking number and your Tax Invoice will be emailed to you.

Don't miss this opportunity to cut closer to fences, retaining walls etc.! - Order Now!

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