Unbogger Self Recovery System for Bogged Front, Rear and Four Wheel Drive Vehicles. Twin Pack

  • $290.00

Have you ever been stranded alone with your car trapped in sand, mud, snow or even a roadside drainage channel? 

Even if you've been lucky enough not to have been, chances are that it will happen at some stage.
Having an UNBOGGER SELF RECOVERY SYSTEM on board will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the means to get yourself out of trouble quickly and easily. The UNBOGGER system uses your vehicle's own power by transforming the drive wheels into winches without requiring any conveniently located anchor point which means that the system is effective in areas where there is nothing available to anchor a cable to and there is no risk of damage or injury from a cable snapping under load and whipping back toward your vehicle.
We looked at the disadvantages of the other devices and systems available for recovery of bogged vehicles and eliminated them one by one. The result of this process of elimination and extensive testing is the UNBOGGER SELF RECOVERY SYSTEM and we believe that its the best, most complete self recovery system on the market today.
The advantages of the UNBOGGER SELF RECOVERY SYSTEM include:
  • It works on most front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles. (Requires wheels to have slots for attachment ties to pass through)
  • Can be fixed to the drive wheels after initial extraction to provide additional traction and reduce the chances of getting stuck again.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport, unlike winches and recovery tracks.
  • No second vehicle required as with snap straps and recovery kits.
  • No permanent fixing to your vehicle required as there is with a winch.
  • No external anchoring point required as with fixed winches and other systems / devices which use a vehicles drive wheel as a winch.
  • No risk of damage or injury from cable failure as with fixed winches and other systems / devices which use a vehicles drive wheel as a winch.
  • No need to dig an escape path for your vehicle's wheels as with recovery tracks.
  • No tyre deflation necessary as with recovery tracks.
  • No excessive, undue strain on your vehicle's drive train from slip and grip action as with tyre blocks.
  • Can be made to order to suit heavy vehicles such as trucks, coaches, earthmovers, etc.
The rated loading at the drive wheels of a large 4 wheel drive vehicle is around 2000kg.
The UNBOGGER SELF RECOVERY SYSTEM is wholly constructed of 2 6mm Dyneema winch rope side cables with a combined breaking strain of over 7500kg joined by 4mm galvanised chain which provides additional traction in unstable conditions until your vehicle is back on solid ground.
It typically takes approximately 10 minutes to attach the twin pack system to your vehicle and this can be done by one person with the skills necessary to tie a shoelace.
Most modern differentials transfer power to the wheel offering less resistance. For this reason, we recommend the use of a twin pack with an UNBOGGER SELF RECOVERY SYSTEM connected to the drive wheels on both sides of your vehicle. In some cases, attachment to one drive wheel only will be effective but in heavier bogs, this may result in the power transfer causing the unattached wheel to spin and negate the systems effectiveness.

Features and specifications:

  • Brand: UNBOGGER Self Recovery Systems
  • Model: Twin pack
  • Side cables: 6mm Dyneema winch rope
  • Cable connecting traction boosters: 4mm galvanised steel chain 
  • System breaking strain: 7560kg (each side of the vehicle)
  • Stored dimensions: 30cm x 10cm x 8cm
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • 12 months warranty

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