Millers Falls TWM 65 Litre Floor Oil Drainer with Hand Discharge Pump #VPOD65L

  • $213.00

Sick of trying to get plastic containers under your engine's sump and spilling oil everywhere trying to get them out again after draining the sump?

A Millers Falls VPOD65L 65 Litre Manual Discharge Floor Oil Drainer may be just the solution that you've been looking for!

With its large, industrial grade polyethylene, 1100mm (43.3") x 700mm (27.5") 65 litre storage tank on heavy duty castors with a long handle for easy positioning under a vehicle and manual, iron tank discharge pump for emptying the tank, your Millers Falls VPOD65L 65 Litre Manual Discharge Floor Oil Drainer is very easy to move around as required and will allow several services before it needs to be emptied. It also features a screen to prevent dropping sump plugs or debris into the oil which is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Its low 19cm (7.5") profile makes your Millers Falls VPOD65L 65 Litre Manual Discharge Floor Oil Drainer ideal for collecting waste oil and fluids or reclaiming coolant for later use when servicing a vehicle on the floor.

Why wait to provide an cleaner, easier alternative to draining and storing waste oil, reclaimed coolant, etc? - Order Now

Features and specifications::

  • Brand: Millers Falls
  • Model: VPOD65L
  • Capacity 65 litre
  • Construction: Industrial grade polyethylene
  • 4x fuel and oil resistent heavy duty castors
  • Tank length 1100mm
  • Tank width: 700mm
  • Overall tank height: 19cm (including castors)
  • Removable screen over tank
  • Tank discharge pump: Cast iron manual
  • Hose length: 2.4m
  • Packaging dimensions: 128cm x 73cm x 20cm
  • Packaging weight: 21kg
  • 6 month warranty


This top quality Millers Falls VPOD65L 65 Litre Manual Discharge Floor Oil Drainer comes in a carton in order to keep freight costs as low as possible and some assembly is required.

We can arrange shipment of your new Millers Falls VPOD65L 65 Litre Manual Discharge Floor Oil Drainer anywhere at competitive rates. Please contact us with your suburb and postcode for a quote.

Free local pickup available on Wednesday and Friday with prior payment and 24 hours notice.

Your order will be dispatched on the next business day after cleared payment is received and freight company's name, contact details, tracking number and your Tax Invoice will be emailed to you.

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