Millers Falls TWM Sine Wave Inverter Generator 9.5kW 11.85kVA 459cc (16HP) #GSC12000i-Y

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Need 240 Volt Power Onsite In A Power Outage Or Anywhere Off The Grid At A Great Price? 

The Millers Falls TWM GSC12000i-Y 459cc 11.85kVA Sine Wave Inverter Generator could be just the solution that you're looking for!

This is the most feature loaded Pure Sine Wave Generator available today. Our digital inverter generators produce a pure sine wave, this is the same type of current supplied to homes and busineses by utility companies. Pure sine wave output is a superior and cleaner form of power when compared to modified sine wave or square wave current in traditional generators.

It is generally agreed that a pure sine wave generator is preferable when used as a home or industry power supply or a backup source especially when powering newer LED TVs, CFL lights, audio equipment, clocks and inductive loads like brushless motors found in many household appliances.

The GSC12000i-Y is ideal for powering an entire house, building sites requiring a high output of pure sine wave power, Automatic Recharging of Solar Batteries via 2 Wire Remote Start or Automatic Start function when Mains Power Fails using an (optional) ATS – Auto Transfer Switch. There's even a parallel connectivity option that allows you to connect 2 GSC12000i-Y generators to double the power output.

Designed and built to supply power when it's needed. Inverter generators are the perfect solution when high output, high quality pure sine wave power is required from a silenced, user-friendly source.

The Millers Falls TWM GSC12000i-Y 459cc 11.85kVA Sine Wave Inverter Generator  provides power and economy without compromise. It will run your whole house  with ease, plus a whole range of appliances and tools.

The Millers Falls TWM GSC12000i-Y 459cc 11.85kVA Sine Wave Inverter Generator is a easily transportable to where it's needed and is fitted with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to provide a smooth, even power supply

It features inbuilt protection systems to prevent damage from low engine oil  or overloading.

Powered by a quiet (73db) but powerful 459cc (16HP) engine driving its 100% copper wound alternator. Your Millers Falls TWM GSC12000i-Y 459cc 11.85kVA Sine Wave Inverter Generator supplies rated continuous power supply of 9 kilowatts (9.5kw max) or 11.25kVa (11.85kVa max)

It's state of the art compact design, ease of maintenance and the world renowned "Millers Falls" brand mean that your Millers Falls TWM GSC12000i-Y 459cc 11.85kVa  Sine Wave Inverter Generator is one of the most versatile, well built, reliable and durable machines of it's kind available.

Don't miss this opportunity to have reliable access to electricity no matter where you are! - Order Now!

Features and specifications:

  • Brand: Millers Falls
  • Model: GSC12000i-Y
  • Output type: Single phase (50Hz), 37.5 amps
  • Rated continuous power output: 9kW, 11.25kVa
  • Maximum power output: 9.5kW, 11.85kVa
  • Parallel Connectivity: Available as an option.
  • Heavy duty copper wound alternator
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Engine: 459cc (16HP) 4 stroke OHC air cooled
  • Starting: Push button, 2 wire remote or automatic with optional ATS box
  • RPM: 3700
  • Low Idle Mode
  • Low noise emission
  • Silenced quiet running
  • Oil Alert Light
  • Fuel capacity: 34 litres
  • Run time on full tank: 13 hrs at 50% load, 7 hrs at 100% load
  • Digital Hour Usage, Hertz and Volt Meter
  • Digital inverter technology
  • Sine wave technology
  • Power factor: 0.8
  • Euro V Emissions Certification
  • 15 AMP IP44 Socket
  • 32 AMP 240 Volt IP66 Plug Supplied
  • 32 AMP 240 Volt IP66 Socket
  • ATS Auto Transfer Switch Connection
  • Never flat wheels
  • USB 5 Volt Power Supply
  • Net dimensions: 82cm L x 60cm W x 63 cm H
  • Net weight: 80kg
  • Package dimensions: 87cm L x 65cm W x 68 cm H
  • Weight: 85kg


This top quality Millers Falls TWM GSC12000i-Y 459cc 11.85kVA Sine Wave Inverter Generator comes on a skid in order to keep freight costs as low as possible.

We can arrange shipment of your new Millers Falls TWM GSC12000i-Y 459cc 11.85kVA Sine Wave Inverter Generator anywhere in Australia at competitive rates (freight quotes are on the checkout page).

Your order will be dispatched on the next business day after cleared payment is received and freight company's name, contact details, tracking number and your Tax Invoice will be emailed to you.

Free pickup is available from Tottenham (Vic) Monday to Friday with 24 hours notice and prior payment.

Grab yours today and make sure that you have power when you need it! - Order Now!

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